Not much of a post really…

now is it?


2 thoughts on “Not much of a post really…

  1. Thank you for the well constructed post to Jack Linden. Your reasoning was incredibly sound and I applaud your passion.

    You are helping this effort tremendously. Thank you. 🙂

  2. While I agree with much of what you say, we have been planning a big expansion in 2009 from a 16k test sim to a 12 sim island of which 8 were intended to be OSs. Our plans have been formulated over months and put to some sponsors in October, then this hits us.

    We are stuffed now and even under your plan, we are still going to be paying that 66% more in January unless we commit in 2008. We can’t commit until we have the sponsors and now we have to go back to the sponsors with the increases.

    Frankly, just like LL, you are not planning professionally. Such huge price hikes have to be spread over a longer period.

    Our plans are virtually wiped out and SL will be a much poorer place and all my learning of LSL and HTTPDB is all for nothing as it cannot work under that pricing structure.

    Still mortified even though you mean well.

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